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Scoil Fonn agus Amhrán 2024

In 1982 Comhairle na Mumhan initiated Scoil Fonn & Amhrán in response to the concern being expressed at that time about the quality of air playing, narrow repertoire of singers and musicians, all numbers participating in slow air playing and singing competitions, and the over emphasis on reel and jigs, etc. at sessions and classes to the apparent detriment of our airs.   This year we continue with Scoil Fonn & Amhrán in conjunction with Fleadh Cheoil na Mumhan in Thurles on Thursday, July 18th 2024 - an intensive one day series of workshops on slow air playing, Fidil/Fiddle,  Cruit/Harp, Feadóg Mhór/Flute, Feadóg/Whistle, Amhránaíocht and Singing.   There is now a greater awareness of the importance of slow airs because of the increased popularity of the S.C.T. traditional music exams where an air is essential.


1.         To illustrate the connection between airs and songs.

2.         To improve playing techniques

3          Stair na nAmhrán a leiriú, bunús staire, aisling, grá tíre, irl

4          Dlúth bhaint idir an teanga, na hamhráin agus na foinn mhalla a fhorbhairt.

5          To re-awaken an awareness of our vast repertoire of songs and airs.

PARTICIPANTS  -  SCHOLARSHIP HOLDERS (residents of Munster – non-transferable)

First, Second & Third prizewinners at Co. Fleadhanna 2024 in the following competitions will receive a scholarship at County Fleadh Cheoil, to attend Scoil Fonn & Amhrán 2024:


Slow air playing  in Under 12,  12/15 and 15/18 age groups:

  • Fidil/Fiddle,   

  • Feadóg/Whistle,    

  • Feadóg Mhór/Flute,   

  • Cruit/Harp 

  • English Singing/Amhránaíocht ar an Sean Nós for Buachaillí/ Boys & Cailíní/Girls


Scholarship holders receive a day’s tuition free but all must pay a registration fee of €15. 

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