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Munster Convention - Sunday, February 19th

The Annual Convention of Comhairle na Mumhan will be held at the Hibernian Hotel, Mallow, Co. Cork on Sunday week, 19th February 2023 commencing at 2pm

(Signing in from - 1.30pm.)

Ard Stiúrthóir of Comhaltas, Labhrás Ó Murchú, who has played a leading role in guiding the organisation over a long period of its existence, will also be present to deliver a special address.

The meeting will consist of:

(a) The Outgoing Officers of Comhairle na Mumhan

(b) The Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer of each County Board

(c) Two delegates from each County Board

(d) Two delegates from each Munster Branch properly affiliated for 2022/23

Each Branch/County Board is asked to send two delegates to attend the meeting

We look forward to meeting you there

Download PDF • 133KB


1 Fáilte & Focal ón gCathaoirleach

2 Miontuarisicí /The minutes of Previous Convention.

3 Nithe ag éiri asta/ Matters arising therefrom

4. Oráid an Chathaoirligh/ Munster Chairman’s Address

5 Comhfhreagras /Relevant Correspondence

6 Tuarascáil an Rúnaí /Consideration of Rúnaí na Mumhan Report.

7 Tuarascáil Airgid Consideration of Financial Statement /Cisteoir na Mumhan ' Report.

8 Aoí Chainteoir - An Seanadóir Labhrás Ó Murchú

9 Toghacháin / Election of Officers for 2023/2024

10 Ainmniúcháin /Nominations for Ard Chomhairle.

11 Tuairiscí Treoraithe na Gaeilge Treoraí na Gaeilge Report

12. Tuairiscí airgeadais & rúnaithe ós na Contaethe/Consideration of County Financial Statements & Co Secretaries Reports.

13. Rúin /Consideration of Motions.

14. Aon Ghnó eile /Any Other business that the Presiding Chairman may allow.

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